10 Tips for First Time Car Buyers

10 Tips for First-Time Car Buyers

This is a slideshow I have given over the years at high schools, civic clubs and businesses to help people understand the depth and intricacies of car buying. Very few people have a professional coach for car buying, yet that is what I have been doing for my clients for over 25 years.

1. Do your Homework

2. Find out your Credit Score and determine your Budget

3. Make a list of Needs & Wants

4. Find out your trade-in loan balance and value.

5. Make your test drive appointments.

6. Call your Insurance company on your top 3 finalists.

7. Decide your budget for a loan vs. lease.

8. Inspect the vehicle before you sign.

9. Determine the warranty cost and value.

10. Get everything promised in writing.

Watch this slideshow for more details… CLick the arrows or mouse to move the slides.

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