I had the limited pleasure of oogling the all new 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman today, but they couldn’t let me drive it because there were too many MINI-freaks around. 

This car is a perfect rendition of the MINI heritage, funky retro badging, clever switches and design elements that all MINI enthusiasts love about their car. It is bigger all-around and everything about it is clearly an evolution to the demand for more space.

I am sorely disappointed in the ultra cool navigation stereo display NOT BEING TOUCH SCREEN, in this day and age, is clearly a #FAIL, perhaps the only one I noted on this quick visit, sans test drive. 

I will report back to you in a few weeks on the actual performance attributes of the S and non-s versions, as this car comes to market against some formidable competition.  However, knowing MINI, they won’t care how many they sell, as marketshare is not as important as profitability… keeping these babies at MSRP or higher, when dealers can get it. (ugh)

STAY TUNED FOR MORE about this new MINI, joining the CLUBMAN and Cooper S Mini family. Meet the competition: Nissan Juke, Kia SOUL, Nissan CUBE, Scion XB, and KIA Sportage for the price.

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