Black Friday 2015 Toyota-Jeep 0% deals

2015 Inventory drives Black Friday 0% deals

As the end of the year approaches three things are for sure this BLACK FRIDAY for car sales.

  1. 2015 left-over models have to go. 
  2. Jeep, Toyota and GM are banking on 0% for 60 or 72 months.
  3. Black Friday deals will last ’til January 2nd, 2016


LEFT OVER 2015 models boost Black Friday

There aren’t many left, but the dealers and manufacturers will use the old age unit as a means to capture your deal, as these leftovers are sure to be the ones with the deepest discounts. Watch for rebates on popular Toyota and Jeep models to start at $1000 and combine with low interest rate offers or lease deals. If you can’t find what you want in a 2015, expect to lose 50% of the incentive to move to the 2016. That isn’t a BAD thing, because the years’ worth of deprecation between a 2015 and 2016, is not always to your advantage.  Toyota has lots of Prius, Avalon and Corollas around, Jeep is flush with Wranglers, Patriots and Renegade. GMC would like to clear off the old Terrains and Sierras.

avalonTAKE 0% to the BANK!

As many believe the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates on borrowing after the New Year, car makers are hoping to drag some stock market savers out to replace 6-10 year old cars, where the 0% is alluring.  The special rate applies to those with a 700 or higher AUTO credit score, and only on new models, not used cars. However, if that 6-10 yr. old car has low miles and a clear car history, there could be a bit of bonus on the trade value.  Expect this 0% for 60/72 months to go away with the confetti on January 2nd, 2016, UNLESS something happens to push the Fed back, again.



To maximize the cost of producing television and web commercials, most of these offers, which started rolling early-November, will last until Jan. 2, 2016. However, the inventory won’t last that long, so if you are picky, jump on the deal and car NOW. This includes limited production vehicles like the Toyota Tacoma, Tundra and Sienna van.  2015 Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokees are in short supply, so be flexible on color and features. Luxury car buyers: Porsche, Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW may be holding off til the holidays or end of year bonus, should probably buy now and let the dealer store it, so you don’t lose that particular car or the surprise element.



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