2015 SEMA SHOW excitement!

Thousands of Cars and People pose at SEMA 2015

There are more cars and people everywhere. Crowds flow through the convention center, parking lots and every nook and cranny of available space where lines and cars are standing. SOme of my favorites include this giant torpedo land yacht, and a Mazda roadster to awesome to ignore.


One of the stars of the show is this original #1 edition SHELBY racer.

It is easy to lose count of the number of Porsche, Mercedes, Nissan GTR, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Jeeps, F150’s with a few Bentley customs thrown in for good measure.




This SHELBY #1 was a hit!

The exotics challenge the muscled-up rock climbers while tires screech from the oval on Paradise.

The crowds are so close to the barriers I pray the armchair enthusiasts keep it under control, as their pro drivers run shotgun with nothing more than an electronic brake button. The fun will continue Friday afternoon from 3pm – 10 pm as SEMA IGNITED parades the cars from the center to the GOLD LOT where food, music and more engine roars will fill the air as the show winds down and out of town20151105_13300120151105_131756.

Stay tuned for more from SEMA 2015 including the all new NISSAN TITAN XD CUMMINS Diesel…


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