2018 Acura TLX Sneak Peek

MyCarlady takes a Sneak Peek at the all new 2018 Acura TLX

The latest incarnation of the Acura TLX declares some new territory without straying too far from the DNA of the Acura family.

Gone is the hawkish grill in favor of the MDX billet style. The  beaded Halogen lamps come from the big brother RDX, gently wrapping around the front hood line with corner turn lights creating a flat line where one expects a smoother transition.

The chrome accents outline the grill, repeat in the edges of the lower body cladding, and carry down the side body with a street effect and dual exhaust.

The raked belt line pulls the eye away from the flat headlamp along the side before looping over the hip to the trunk edge. Not exactly a deck lid, it’s more of an over-bite on the shortened trunk.

Clearly taking styling cues from the competition: Audi A3/A$4$, Lexus IS and BMW 3 series, the TLX is like a hip teenager being cool without trying.

Pricing with the v6 290hp, Tech package which includes the ACURAWATCH safety features we all want, hits the $41k MSRP without overkill, staying just enough under the others to justify consideration and a test-drive.

Starting prices for a 4cyl begin around $34,000, and you can load the new TLX up to $48k with an A-Spec Advanced AWD version.

The next step is a MyCarlady test-drive review… so stay tuned for more.

The author, Sarah Lee Marks is a 26 yr. auto executive who writes about all car related subjects. She offers advice to car buyers and offers personal car concierge and fleet management services. For more information reach out to Sarah Lee at this website. sarah lee at mycarlady dot com.