2018 Toyota C-HR Test Drive Review appears just in time for Memorial Day sales events

2018 Toyota C-HR First Test Drive

Just in time for Memorial Day Auto Sales events!

It is very rare to have a manufacturer offer a new model year before Summer selling season and then add an incentive on it. The Toyota Summer Sale-a-bration doesn’t mention the new C-HR, a compact hatchback crossover for the hipster crowd, built on the new Toyota Global platform, however, MyCarlady took one for a spin just minutes before it was sold!

The chill design, loaded feature list and tiered package pricing starting at $22,500.00 makes it an attractive car so hot dealers can’t keep them in stock. The loaded up XLE Premium at $27,200 flies off the lots as soon as they arrive! While it clearly targets the Nissan Juke and Honda HRV everyone from the  newly graduated first-time buyer and the empty-nester/active adult can find a reason to own one. The current incentive is a 1.9% interest rate for 60 months and $500.00 loyalty cash for former Scion owners, through Memorial Day weekend sales. There is lots to talk about this car so check out the video here: MYCARLADY First Test Drive 2018 Toyota C-HR.

msrp 2018 Toyota C-HR

Pricing, Pros & Cons Toyota C-HR

2.0L 4 cyl 144 HP @ 6100 RPM

139 Foot lbs. Torque at 3900 RPM

CVT transmission


  • Cool styling
  • Lots of popular safety features
  • Responsive handling w/ tight turning radius
  • Comfortable driver seat
  • High lift-gate opening
  • 2- stage cup-holder fits your Big Gulp
  • Auto Hold Hill Descent

c-hr hill descent button


  • No Apple Car Play or Android Integration-Use Bluetooth
  • Tiny Back-up Camera in rear-view mirror- doesn’t have positioning guides
  • Typical CVT wind-up hesitation at low speeds.
  • NO AWD option
  • No Factory Navigation but who uses it anyway…

This car is not to be confused with the Nissan Juke or Honda crossover HRV, which sits higher and has a true crossover SUV look. While the name C-HR allegedly stands for Cabin High Rider, meaning seating and style, it doesn’t sit as high as either car, all be it, the Toyota C-HR feels wider inside and in the interior headroom gives it a spacious feeling for a small car. The back seats are pitched to give the appearance of leg room, but really, seriously, if you are over ten years old, it’s gonna be a struggle. The rear door sills  are REALLY DEEP and even with the door fully opened there’s not much room to swing your knees/legs up, over and out from the rear seats. While there are 3 anchor positions for car seats, a single full-size or convertible car seat will take up half the back row.


If a Prius and FJ Cruiser had a baby: 2018 Toyota C-HR would be it.

The two-tone color palette is only available in the Premium level “R” in Blue (shown in video), Red and Green/Grey, Interior: you can have any color as long as it’s BLACK.  The diamond design repeated throughout the car is a cue from the talisman of Toyota who believe diamonds are forever, or at least good luck when testing the Nuremberg track.

You will likely find most of the available C-HR’s on dealer lots are loaded up, as dealers need to push accessories to help you appreciate the Toyota lifestyle experience. However, you can expect to wait 12-14 weeks to get one ordered with less equipment, and it is likely the safety features you want are going to be in the XLE/Premium package anyways.

So welcome to the Toyota C-HR, go drive one and see what you think!
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