3 Must Know Tips for Car Titles





Perfect your car title, Now!

Paying off your car and getting the title isn’t the end of the process to ownership!

There are 3 critical steps you must take to insure your car is properly yours now and in the future.

I have my car title and lien release letter, now what?

  1. Check for errors on the title name. Take the original lien-release letter and title to your DMV and have the lien holder REMOVED by getting a new title. * read more on the details…

Doing these 3 easy things now will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees, hours of aggravation and countless tears of frustration!

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Sarah Lee Marks of MyCarlady is a licensed DMV processor in Las Vegas. If you need help with your vehicle DMV needs, call her at 702-five-two-one-7 five-four 6 or text or email sarahlee at mycarlady dot com.