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Sarah Lee Marks, as MYCARLADY and SMARTeen DRIVER founder is often quoted, as a go-to source for the media around the country.

12/15/2015 and author Julia Eddington quote Sarah Lee of MyCarlady on How-to give a car as a GIFT during the Holidays!


How to Gift a Car this Holiday Season – Quoted

 Sarah Lee Marks, president of My Carlady Automotive Business Services, gave us the paperwork details. Marks, who has been helping customers gift cars during the holiday season for over 20 years, told Quoted the following:

  • If the car is being paid for in cash, and the giver is not on title, the giver needs to secure a picture of the lucky recipient’s driver’s license and current insurance.
  • If the car is over 10K in value, it is likely the dealer will fill out an IRS cash reporting form, in which case the driver’s license of the giver will be required (by law).
  • Some dealers will also require the giver complete a five-line security report, which includes their birthday and social security number (for the purposes of preventing money laundering).


12/4/15The latest on FOX-5 WVVU, which aired 12/4/15 on the SMARTeen DRIVER event for the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada, hosted by CHOP of TOWBIN FIAT/ALPHA ROMEO.

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AUTOTRENDS “Collaboration Trends in the Auto industry.”


U.S.News&WorldReport ‏@usnews

May 24, 2013

MyCarlady’ Sarah Lee offers her tips and tricks for end of lease options.

Mycarlady lease buyout tricks and tips

April 23, 2013
How to lend money to family and friends without damaging the relationship  by @DanielBortz

Aug 22, 2012


both quote Sarah Lee of MyCarlady.

Both of these well known organizations asked Sarah Lee about the trend in buying cars in the summer.

READERS DIGEST quotes Sarah Lee

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