2014 Black Friday CAR SALES Start Now!

The notorious day after Thanksgiving start to holiday shopping has begun with a a week-long run-up to the pre-dawn lines around the mall.

Enter the Car Sales finale for 2014. Many dealers still have some 2014 models left and this is the week to grab your deal. As long as you are NOT picky about color, features or both. Rebates and incentives include trade-in rebate, finance rebate, customer cash, customer loyalty or conquest cash (stealing you form a competitive make you are currently driving). In many cases you can bundle all these rebates to total $3000 or more… However, beware not every dealer or manufacturer is offering the same incentives.

Dealers do have the option NOT to participate in advertised lease deals, and are not required to offer you an upgraded model for the same (respective) discount.
However, if you are respectful and reasonable, you can still start your holidays with a great car deal.

2015  Car Models can be Black Friday deals!

Car manufacturers and dealers don’t want to be left out of your Christmas shopping list. In fact, they want to grab your attention first, hence the red cars and Santa commercials starting after Halloween.

2015 models have been slow to arrive and limited availability means not much in rebates or incentives. Jaguar and Porsche have very few 2015’s on the lot, so expect to order what you want, and wait 3-4 months. Subaru’s new 2105 Impreza won’t arrive at dealer lots ’til mid December.

Luxury car brands have started their “Christmas to Remember- Holiday Sales Event” this week, hoping to capture your ultimate gift-giving spirit and imagination. Red bows included.

For those leasing a vehicle, this is a great time to take a early lease termination pull-ahead while manufacturers are offering Black Friday car deals. Save yourself a car payment by rolling over early and get a newer model too!

Used Cars and Black Friday deals.

Used cars are still an option on Black Friday and as holiday gifts. Luxury pre-0wned car prices have stabilized, however, you will not get rebates on pre-owned. The under $20,000 , low mile, nice condition, import sedan is still a tough one to find, but if you stay in touch with the manager of your local store carrying that brand, or reach out to me, sarah lee at, I can keep my eye open for a sweet ride for you!

Many certified pre-owned models are offering low interest rates as low as .09% to qualified buyers. Ask your dealer for details.


Ford F150, Escape and Explorer, Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible,

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