Black Friday Car ads starting already

The Halloween pumpkins have barely started to decompose and the Black Friday car deals are hitting the TV screens.

Buyers Beware, this Black Friday- Car deals look Scrooge-like.

New car manufacturers could never have predicted the worst weather disasters in history when forecasting 2018 car production back in 2016. As a result, making up for the 1.5 million cars lost to this destruction is not as simple as increasing the volume on the stereo. Add to this maelstrom an increase in recalls for everything from door locks to (more) airbags and concern over Japanese steel used by some of the largest manufacturers in the world. All of this heeped on a healthy economy taking interest rate hikes as a matter of course correction, adding more pressure to already limited 2018 inventory on dealer lots. Sum total; high demand for 2018 limited inventory means reduced rebates and incentives.  

Forget 2017 left-overs with $5000 rebates

… if you can find one, the tires have flat spots and the options, color and engine are lacking.

Consumers are vying for new cars against their neighbors’ backed by insurance company payouts, negotiation be damned when your transportation to work is a total loss. Look for the usual suspects to drive attention to their showrooms for those with the means or the payoff in hand, but the extreme jockeying to be the “top seller” is not the robust steals of years past.

Hyundai is entering the fray early with a $400.00 a month lease of their new Genesis G80. As Hyundai rebrands the Genesis as it’s own make with the G80 and G90 and the promise of more to come, both cars have registered a hit with the car magazines and reviewers. Starting in the $40,000.00 range, the Genesis is targeting Lexus IS and ES, Acura RL and Infiniti Q sedan buyers looking for luxury and options under $500.00 a month.

Kia is pushing their “Light Up The Holidays” with 0% up to 60 months on almost all 2017 models, huge cash rebates up to $4000 and leases as low as $150.00 a month on a Soul, not the TURBO. Finding the one you really, really want may be easier in the Hyundai and KIA line-ups, where recalls and production issues have not plagued this manufacturer. Hyundai and KIA share manufacturing facilities in Georgia, where most models share chassis, allow demand to be met with flexible production.

KIA  is ramping up their next folly with the STINGER. A sexy sports sedan which will miss the holiday gifting season. If you order it now, at MSRP, expect to see it around Valentines Day.  Look out Audi A6, this one is coming for you.

Toyota has dropped some hefty cash on remaining 2017’s, up to $3500.00 on the 2017 Avalon Hybrid, but their best offers this fourth quarter will be the 0% on remaining 2017’s and some 2018’s and a 1.9% on the best-selling TACOMA, again, if you can find one and not the TRD PRO! Look for wickedly cheap leases on the Corolla ($169) Camry ($199) RAV ($289) and the hot new CH-R at $189 a month. These leases require money down of course, usually $2995 and Toyota is the only car company to NOT include GAP* protection in their lease contracts upfront. Add another $20.00 a month to your payment for that.  Give the lessons of salvage vehicles this year, please, don’t leave the dealership without GAP, whether you add it to the deal or contact your insurance agent to see if they offer it. GAP payouts have been a HUGE lifesaver for many, totaling in the tens of millions.

More 2017-2018 BLACK Friday DEALS TO COME…

If you haven’t gotten off the couch to start your car shopping, get out there now and beat the rush if you hope to score that 2017 needle in the haystack. Otherwise, stay tuned here as I sort through the Mercedes Benz, Audi, Acura, Lexus and Infiniti Black Friday deals to be announced.

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