Black Friday deals up to 0% to 72

BLACK FRIDAY car deals heat up-end soon.

however, as competition has heated up in the past week, so have the interest rate deals for car buyers with great credit.

Fed expected to raise borrowing rate in January.

In anticipation of rates rising, car makers are anxious to pull that  dormant cash our of the stock market and onto the roads with deals on low interest rates. In some cases the cash rebate option is a better deal for those car buyers who would normally qualify for a low rate and/or pay off their car loans early. If this is you, take the cash rebte over the 0%, and get your money elesewhere, it will save you more than the 0% over the term.

DODGE OFFERS 0% up to 75 months… on  2  2015 models, til December. Watch the fine-print here folks, this offer is only on remaining 2015 CHARGER and GRAND CARAVAN models. They do have 0% offers are for 36 and 60 mos. on other 2015 models in stock, again, these are typically the aging, new model design coming next year products

NO PAYMENTS FOR 90 DAYS2016_kia_sorento_angularfront

KIA is offering 0% for 66 mos. plus your first 2 months covered and 90 days/3 mos. Deferred, or KIA is throwing $1000-1500.00 rebates. You must qualify credit-wise reducing your debt by making you pay for only 63 months. Watch out for dealers who may try to shove those 2 payments into the total borrowed amount. This promotion is courtesy of KIA, so it costs the dealers 0, but it does raise the profit if you don’t catch it.  Read the total borrowed on the contract. 

The new 2016 SEDONA is a home-run for the company, bringing back a stylish van taking notes from the Acura MDX and Sorrento, flush with features and a great lease payment of $279.00 in many markets.

The SOUL and OPTIMA are also strong core products in the KIA lineup.  The Sportage is actually the sadly, weak link, with lease payments almost as much as the bigger Sorrento, a curious fact for those shopping the HONDA CRV and RAV.

GMC has incentives of up to 15% of MSRP in CASH BACK, a way to finance your holiday shopping for the next five and a half years! The GMC Encore and Enclave are doing well in their respective markets, with some unusual 24 mos. leases on the Encore, and a strong 0% for the Enclave.


Porsche announced a recall of the 22,000 MACAN SUV models sold last year for fuel line issues which could become fire hazards. This is on top of the inquiries into the 6 cyl. diesel models they offer in the CAYENNE, and AUDI in the Q7, both now suspected of the same emissions software problem dubbed VWgate. Since the fix requires hardware and software, currently not available, Porsche and Audi have refused to issue a stop sale on these models. These models, loved by their owners, are a fraction of total sales by these brands, so the cost to business is more the black-eye of dishonesty for a prestige product known for selling at full MSRP.

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