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Buying a Child Car Seat for your Honda-Starts Here!

Pick the Right Child Car Seat for your Car!

When trying to select the correct car seat for your child; infant, rear-facing, convertible, or booster,
there should be one more important step you take before heading to the local baby store or online to place an order.

Buying a Car Seat for your Honda?

Measure your Honda’s rear seat… watch this video…


All too often I see vehicles with:

  • over-sized bolsters in the outboard (left and right rear seat positions),
  • narrow, pronounced humps in the middle of the rear bench
  • back seat cushions with permanently -affixed head rests

any or all of these designs make the proper car seat installation more difficult to secure.

car seat cushion measuring

Measuring for DRIVER safety and comfort.

Another area of concern are new 3-1-One and 4-in-1 convertible car seats
made to accommodate extra wide or tall children as they grow.

  • These over-sized to grown-in often encroach on the best seating position for the driver or front passenger
  • The top of the child car seat cannot fit properly in the space between the sport-style driver
    and front passenger seat where the space is too narrow across.


Check out these videos showing a “COSCO” brand convertible (rear to front facing) child car seat
in the most popular Honda vehicles: Civic, Accord, Odyssey van
and CRV suv. The new Honda Pilot and Ridgeline are large vehicles which accommodate most car seats;
however, the rules of measuring are still valid BEFORE you buy.

Need help installing your car seat?

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