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Nevada’s Future in Faraday looks bleak.

The latest buzz across the automotive news suggests Faraday Future may be light years away if at all. North Las Vegas electric car maker Faraday puts brakes on Nevada plant. The popular Car Connection auto -blog released word of the Faraday Future North Las Vegas electric car plant being ¬†shelved for the time being, time travel not withstanding, no date… Read More


What to do when your car is a Total Loss??

What to do when your car is a Total Loss?? Before agreeing to whatever the insurance company offers you for your car as a total loss, ask the following questions... A totaled¬†car is no fun. How was this figured determined? Is this offer negotiable? Does this include my sales tax credit? (If you state allows for such). Does this include… Read More

DMV NV Registration Online not for everything

DMV NV registration ... NO... it's not you or your computer! The online system for registering or renewing your license plates, making an appointment for a Driver's License test or other vehicle or ID processing is not as easy as you think. If you have custom license plates you want to transfer, have let your registration (accidentally or on purpose)… Read More