July 4th Used Car Sales-Special Low Interest Rates

July 4th Used Car sales sure to be HOT this Holiday! Lawrence Ennis, GM of Chapman Chrysler-Jeep and Used Car Center explains some of the new thinking in the Used Car market of 2016. Car sales have been hotter than ever and demand is outpacing supply, with many models facing stop sales and open recalls with no definitive time for… Read More

10 Tips for First Time Car Buyers

10 Tips for First-Time Car Buyers This is a slideshow I have given over the years at high schools, civic clubs and businesses to help people understand the depth and intricacies of car buying. Very few people have a professional coach for car buying, yet that is what I have been doing for my clients for over 25 years. 1.… Read More

2014 Memorial Holiday Day Used Car Sales start now

Lots of Great Used Car deals on Memorial Day Car lot sales. The best deals to be found this holiday season are on luxury used cars with low miles, warranties or certification, in great, dry, desert weather condition. Considering the lack of new luxury car inventory around the US, the stabilized values on most luxury brands: BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lexus,… Read More