Front Range Honda car buying alert.

Why women (and men) hate car buying…

Here is a perfect example of a smart consumer trying to do her best to expedite the process of buying the HONDA they most wanted.

Having researched the model availability, determined a fair price and contacted the dealership in advance, everything seemed to be running smoothly… UNTIL the pressure of the “END-of-the-Month” sales quota took over.

Now a customer who was loving the new car buying experience is left with a BAD taste, angry at the sales person, (who cannot control the finance manager), and will most likely ding the dealership with a BAD survey.


as shared with this blog…

–“I just bought a car yesterday and I hated every minute of it!! I picked out the car in advance, negotiated the price and faxed all my credit info in advance. I told the salesman I would pick up the car on Tuesday, but he wanted to close the deal before the end of the month. He told me to come in Saturday and it would take five minutes for me to come in and sign the paperwork since everything was arranged in advance. My husband and I drove 30 minutes to the dealership with my three children.


We waited over an hour and listened to the salesman feed us all his excuses for why it was taking so long.

 (The salesperson should have had the paperwork over-nighted to the client in advance, signed, notarized and over-nighted back, thus making his quota, and having only to deliver the car when they arrived.)

 I ended up leaving with my children, my husband waited another hour and came home with the car. The salesman said he will meet me anywhere I want on Tuesday for me to sign the rest of the paperwork. by the way it was Front Range Honda in Colorado Springs.

(The consumer could have insisted the car be delivered to their home, with paperwork, signed the papers, taken delivery in their driveway at their convenience and the salesperson would have made his quota AND had a truly THRILLED CUSTOMER guaranteed to give him 5x the referrals for going the extra mile.)

Apparently this Front Range Honda customer is not the only one to have issues with this dealership.

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