Holiday Car Sales bring Dealer Cheers

Tis season of giving help car dealers pushing


Gifts to Remember.

Jaguar is offering the UNWRAP a JAGUAR mantra for all Jaguars in stock, of which inventory is very thin for all their models. The 2105 Jaguar XF sedan is offered for $469 a month with a handsome stocking of cash, and a dashing red color for a new Santa sleigh, available in AWD too! The F-TYPE is coming in AWD this year too!

Holiday Bonus Funds and Tax Savings make Car Sales

Thanks to Lexus for providing a little tel-a-portation humor on their best selling suv’s and sedans, albeit most of the 2014 deals pitched for $399.99 a month on a lease are long gone. Get ready for the 2015 bump, but hey, a little eggnog makes the payment go down easier.

Santa’s workshop looks like Jay Leno’sĀ garage, which is typical of the Mercedes crowd anxious to add another star to the collection. Payments aren’t promoted, but bet “if you have to ask… the guy or gal who has everything really doesn’t care”.

BMW, Infiniti have been rather quiet this year, but Honda and their talking dolls from yesteryear are annoying enough to make us buy a Toyota. There is a reason Gem and Stretchy are not back on store shelves. Not everything once had is worth having again, but Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles make perfect pitch-men for the Odyssey behemoth eight passenger mini-van fast approaching school bus size. Santa will need a car cover for this sled.

JD Power #1 Car Customer Satisfaction Index

The best selling holiday car this season is certainly the Porsche. 911, GT3, Boxster, Cayman, Macan, Cayenne or Panamera, with the holiday bonus in hand… Santa is making sure he/she gets what he wants this season!

Note, last minute tax savings spends will be over in just eight days, so get your vehicle purchase s made or pay Uncle Sam.

Be a Santa not a Scrooge this year!

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