July 4th Used Car Sales-Special Low Interest Rates

July 4th Used Car sales sure to be HOT this Holiday!

Lawrence Ennis, GM of Chapman Chrysler-Jeep and Used Car Center explains some of the new thinking in the Used Car market of 2016.

Car sales have been hotter than ever and demand is outpacing supply, with many models facing stop sales and open recalls with no definitive time for a fix. Some dealers are sending their recalled vehicles to auction, rather than wait for the parts to arrive.

The banks have been extremely flexible, says Ennis.

Nevertheless, Used Cars shoppers this July 4th will need to focus their shopping attention on dealerships with large inventories and strong banking relationships interested in all types of credit.

Alternative, Challenged Credit or Second Chance Car loans

LOW INTEREST RATES have helped many people get into a newer vehicle at a reasonable car payment.  If you have a steady job, roots in the area and a little down payment, a select few dealers may be able to help you, even f your past credit history and credit score seem difficult. Short Sales, Foreclosures and Medical Debt, are no longer a barrier to buying a new or slightly pre-owned vehicle.

So as you ponder a newer car this holiday weekend, stop by Chapman’s or give me a shout-out if you have any questions. 702 five 2 one-75 four six or sarahlee at mycarlady dot com.


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