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Memorial Day 2017 Car Sales Best Deals

Could this be the last of 2017 Models Car deals this Memorial Day?

Car makers have alerted factory employees, unions and dealers to the fact they plan to close their factories sooner and for longer than usual. Layoffs have started already in Ohio plants making small and medium size cars.

2017 Car sales off as holiday summer vacation loom.

New car auto sales are not keeping up with expectations, leaving inventory piling up on many lots. July and August are typically summer holiday and retooling time in car factories here and abroad. This time-honored tradition is followed by the release of the new model year products.

However, this year car makers are announcing production slow-downs in the hopes of spurring sales early without relying on heavy incentives.

Car Shoppers Buy NOW to get best selection.

The message to car shoppers is to be car buyers NOW while interest rates are low, selection is good and rebates are plentiful. Trucks and midsize suv’s will be the first to see the result of these actions, especially Chevy and Toyota small trucks. Chevy Colorados had been slowed in December previously.

Toyota’s RAV4 has an extra $500 on the already $2000.00 customer cash rebate or 0% for 72 months through Memorial Day or until supplies last, likely May 31st.

Acura TLX is offering great leases on remaining 2017’s as the new TLX look arrives on the 2018 later this month. This is one of the best luxury sedan holiday deals in the market right now!

Hybrids get cut as EPA and NHTSA await CAFE message before Memorial Day sales begin.

For those interested in electric, alternative or hybrid vehicles, grab what you can now, or say good bye to tax credits, rebates or extended range. Simply put, don’t hold your breath for the next generation.  The new administration has suggested they will focus on rolling back CAFE standards and EPA rules. Denying climate change and promoting their efforts as “job building”, the changes will take car makers eye off the higher MPG mandate for 2020.  Since hybrids do not make a profit for most car makers, the only reason they exist at all is to balance the CAFE requirement to produce a certain number of high mpg cars for every high-profit truck getting 12 mpg.  By further reducing the federal tax credits for purchasing an alternative fuel or electric car, consumers will not spend for the cars and leasing deals will vaporize.

California to take lead on CAFE standards.

Consumers can expect SOME individual states like California to maintain their efforts for clean air and higher MPG as long as vehicles are available.

Watch Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Honda and Toyota to limit their new hybrid/electric models to states where the CAFE standards will affect total sales.  Consumers in other locales should demand their dealers order the car of their choice regardless of politics, sending a message to car makers.

Watch for more news to come on best deals for 2017 Memorial Day and Summer holiday sales.
The author, Sarah Lee Marks is a 26 yr. auto executive who writes about all car related subjects. She offers advice to car buyers and offers personal car concierge and fleet management services. For more information reach out to Sarah Lee at this website. sarah lee at mycarlady dot com.