MY CAR KIDS Top Products for Your (BABY – KID’S) Driving pleasure.

toofeze ring
TOOFEZE® may not seem like a car device,
but trust me when your hands are on the wheel you can still be comforting a teething baby with this awesome teether.
The Tootheze┬« makes life with a teething child easy! read more…
gets my top vote as a handy device and teaching tool for future drivers!
The seat belt buckle holder allows your toddlers to buckle up themselves.
No more twisting in your seat to find the buried buckle.
This is a great tool to teach you kids to ALWAYS buckle-up in the car
cool carat kids car seat

Cool Carats keeps you child seat cool in the hot weather. Simply chill the pack and leave it on the car seat (or your seat) when you leave the car.
When you return to your hot car, the
CARAT pack has got your back, literally. Remove it from the seat (DON’T SIT ON IT). the car seat is cool to the touch.


adds rear air to your car that lacks heat or air conditioning in the rear seats, 2nd or 3rd row!
Everyone raves that this quick fix, in a variety of colorful covers,
is an easy way to add rear air or heat without breaking the bank!
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