Nissan 2016 Summer Holiday Sales Event 0%

2016 Nissan Independence Day Car Sales show FREE to CHOOSE July 4th

Nissan is really pushing their “FREE to CHOOSE” and “FREEDOM from PAYMENTS” with low interest rates for qualified buyers.

Now is certainly the time to look at some of their solid sedans: VERSA, SENTRA and ALTIMA have amazing rebates, low itnerst rate options or wickedly cheap lease payments if your FICO AUTO credit Score is over 720.

An SUV for under $200 a month?

You can score a 2016 Rogue, recently remodeled and retooled for more room and nicer ride, for under $00.00 a month on a 36 mos. lease.

The Altima has up to 3250 in discounts off MSRP but the BEST deal is the 0% for 60 mos. PLUS $1500 in rebates.

The Maxima is also available for 0% interest for 60 mos, but selection is limited so don’t get too picky, this is an amazing machine since the redesign last fall.

Grab a Nissan JUKE for $209 a month with $3000 down, but I would go with nothing down and push the payment up another 60.00 a month. The leases have GAP protection, so keep your cash in your wallet.


At the end of the holiday weekend overload, Nissan has plenty of 2016 inventory and a strong urge to move the needle after a tough year of recalls and inventory disruptions among its best sellers. now that summer is here and the July 4th sales are on, look at Nissan to offer some really aggressive deals, including high trade-in values, extra rebates for military, recent college graduate and return clients.

2016 Nissan Titan Cummins Diesel


The only model you won’t find Nissan giving away is on the new TITAN Diesel, so hot you can barely find a demo to test-drive on any dealer lot. That is an awesome ton and a half of Cummins fun. If you can handle the price, get one, you own’t be disappointed.

If you need help finding a Nissan dealer in your area, give me a shout-out and I’ll make a recommendation.



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