Republicans run flat on Fisker flap

Republicans fueling Obama DoE loan crash side-swipe Fisker campaign donors in the process.

Has it not occurred to anyone other than MyCarlady, that the recent political hatchet-job on Fisker, and now Tesla, the two electric car companies in the green auto loan program, could seriously back-fire on the drivers of this bus?

Are these ill-winds blowing over the same party supporters such front-running Republican candidates regularly pitch for campaign funds?

There are  hundreds of dealership owners who have invested thousands of dollars and committed to millions more to remodel their buildings, stock inventory, employ and train the staff to sell these cars.

The owners of these franchises; individual and publically-held, all share a similar mind-set; let small business grow by investing in new business opportunities and creating jobs.  These are the same owners who regularly donate to community causes, serve on local boards and pay taxes…so why are the Republican’s trying to kill this car company, thus guaranteeing no repayment of the loan, and likely short their own coffers in the process?

Not being a conspiracy theorist, I ask myself, are these the same people who championed a GM/Chrysler bailout for a company owned by a hedge-fund?

If NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) suggested such political pandering was not in the best interest of their members, would the dealers listen?

Would the GOP suddenly decide to recognize the 2500 plus employees and 10,000 more downdraft beneficiaries to come from this project succeeding?

The possibility the politicos think anyone making under $50K knows what a Fisker is or cares a whit about a car loan other than their own, presumes these same voters have time to watch television between working a double shift.

Besides which, riling the UAW to demonstrate only serves to push those on the fence further away from domestic auto products and into the arms of imports made here by robots, while the profits, not the cars, get shipped overseas.

At a time when our economy reflects the lack of ANY innovative alternative manufacturing in the USA, the investment in this project is all about regaining our technological manufacturing edge.

Let’s consider what Finland has to offer, the way Deming learned from the Japanese.  This should be the ONLY lesson to be learned from all this white noise, after the pundits fail their math test by cutting off one’s nose…

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