TAX TIPS on Car expenses – Save 50% on your 2014 Tax Preparation

The IRS is scrutinizing your Automobile expenses on your 2014 return, so BE CAREFUL. Make sure your log is accurate, and your mileage corresponds with the service record dates, which will be asked for if you are audited. You can't deduct travel to your office, or from your office to your home, so make sure your miles match the distance… Read More

Last Week of December Auto Purchases

This is the last week of the year for TAX-Savings Auto Purchases. If you need new vehicles for your fleet, there may be no left-over 2014 models in your color, but grab a 2015 and take the depreciation or lease payment. NEW CAR-AUTO TAX deductions rules for 2014 The IRS has changed the rules on Section 179 for 2014. In… Read More


2014 Black Friday CAR SALES Start Now! The notorious day after Thanksgiving start to holiday shopping has begun with a a week-long run-up to the pre-dawn lines around the mall. Enter the Car Sales finale for 2014. Many dealers still have some 2014 models left and this is the week to grab your deal. As long as you are NOT… Read More