Black Friday deals up to 0% to 72

BLACK FRIDAY car deals heat up-end soon. however, as competition has heated up in the past week, so have the interest rate deals for car buyers with great credit. Fed expected to raise borrowing rate in January. In anticipation of rates rising, car makers are anxious to pull that ┬ádormant cash our of the stock market and onto the roads… Read More

2014 Memorial Day Car Sales

Memorial Day Car Sales 2014 to disappoint some new car buyers. This year many new car showrooms and dealership lots are bare. Top selling 2014 and 2015 new car models are in short supply and prices are holding at sticker or higher! Auto manufacturers have had a hard time forecasting the US economy, as pent-up demand and aging cars are… Read More

Top 5 Used Car Labor Day Car Deals

The latest figures on Used Car values includes some interesting data from the auction houses and Autotrader. As New 2013 car sales improve to the best they have been in 5 years, the equivalent used car situation has not improved.┬áSales are up, but so are prices, as only two in ten trades are worthy of resale. Here is the forecast… Read More