What you should know before Memorial Day Car Shopping!

MyCarladys' 7 Secrets to Successful Memorial Day Car Buying. As you set out with your newspaper ads and KBB.com trade-in reports let's cover a few critical things you need to know about this holiday Sales event car shopping climate. These tips will help you keep frustration to a minimum and hopefully get you that deal you are looking for in… Read More

Latest Toyota Voluntary Recalls-October 22,2010

Las Vegas, NV--  Dealership Service and  OEM parts make a difference to the safety and residual value of your car, as proven in this latest recall from Toyota and Lexus, October 22, 2010.   [caption id="attachment_3056" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="2006 Lexus IS350"][/caption] The VOLUNTARY recalls from Toyota and Lexus for leaking brake fluid, include 740,000 older model year vehicles from 2004-2006 .… Read More