MyCarlady Automotive Services Las Vegas

MyCarlady is pleased to offer some new¬†Automotive¬†services to the Las Vegas-Henderson, N. Las Vegas community. In addition to FREE Car Buying advice, assistance selling or trading your vehicle (or one you inherited), servicing your car (or having body work done), we now have some great educational and excursion programs for the car enthusiast. CAR-EDU is the educational training and events… Read More

Wanted: Women interested in a career in car sales. Women Selling Cars.

Women Selling Cars? As MyCarlady, I have spent over 20 years in the business. I am often asked what makes a great car sales person and why are there so few women in the automotive dealerships selling cars? The truth is there are far more women in the business than when I started, however, still not enough to fill the… Read More

2011 year-end model lease deals: Jaguar, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes Benz this Labor Day?

Luxury car shopping a left-over, year-end model closeout 2011 BMW, Lexus or Mercedes Benz this Labor Day? Put JAGUAR at the top of your list! Unlike the other brands mentioned, inventory and deals are heads over the others when comparing size, features and discount off MSRP, especially when leasing. Discounts, and low money-factors (interest rates) are drawing in car shoppers… Read More