MyCarlady Automotive Services Las Vegas

MyCarlady is pleased to offer some new Automotive services to the Las Vegas-Henderson, N. Las Vegas community. In addition to FREE Car Buying advice, assistance selling or trading your vehicle (or one you inherited), servicing your car (or having body work done), we now have some great educational and excursion programs for the car enthusiast. CAR-EDU is the educational training and events… Read More

WSJ covers Exporting Luxury vehicle story

Today's Wall Street Journal article written by Andrew Grossman highlights Luxury Vehicles Exporting for profit. Focusing primarily on the government's seizure of bank accounts and assets from several companies and individuals involved in large scale overseas shipping of BMW, Porsche, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz and Audi vehicles, the article points out that a brewing lawsuit against the government could have… Read More

AUTO BROKER EXPORTING Tricks include Loans and Leases

The latest twist in the exportation of luxury cars: STRAW-CREDIT FINANCING. In the ever changing cat and mouse game of buying cars under different aliases, using innocent people targeted through Craig's List ads offering $500.00 payouts, has escalated to auto loans and leases. Notice the ads insist on good credit, request a social security number so the credit score can be obtained,… Read More