I had the limited pleasure of oogling the all new 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman today, but they couldn't let me drive it because there were too many MINI-freaks around.  This car is a perfect rendition of the MINI heritage, funky retro badging, clever switches and design elements that all MINI enthusiasts love about their car. It is bigger all-around and everything about… Read More

My Carlady News from the Street!

Miles of Smiles Club and News from the Street... My predictions for 2009 and the Automakers bailout.   The Detroit Big 3 will consolidate in 2009. Watch for Mercury to go away and Lincoln to become the luxury division of Ford, to be relocated to Ford showrooms. Ford dumps Saab. Chrysler will become Dodge-Jeep and maybe the 300, if any… Read More


11/29/08  Las Vegas, NV       If you run your own credit via an online service, DON'T bet on that score when shopping car loans. The car banks; factory captives, local credit unions and independent banks are creating their own model to determine the lowest possible risk of repossessions.  No longer is a 700 FICO an automatic shoo-in to the lowest… Read More