honda odyssey car seat installation

Buying a Child Car Seat for your Honda-Starts Here!

Pick the Right Child Car Seat for your Car! When trying to select the correct car seat for your child; infant, rear-facing, convertible, or booster, there should be one more important step you take before heading to the local baby store or online to place an order. Buying a Car Seat for your Honda? Measure your Honda's rear seat... watch… Read More

Best Labor Day car deals for 2013

The best deals for car buyers this Labor Day 2013 are listed here, courtesy of Sarah Lee aka: My Carlady. The compilation of this information is based on the top vehicle by category, based on quality and residual value, the incentives being offered and price/value for the amount of standard features and reasonable option packages. Simply put...The most BANG for… Read More

March Madness and Spring Fever ramp-up 2012 new car sales

As Spring fever hits the air and March Madness gives sport enthusiasts something to worship, car dealerships are facing shortages in their hottest products. Pent-up demand and our aging vehicle fleet patched together as the economy has worn our tread bald, is driving consumers to re-evaluate putting money into costly repairs. Compounding the new car sales loggerjam is the lack… Read More