Ten Top Tips Before, during and After your Teen starts Driving

MyCarlady’s Top Ten Tips Before, During and After You start your TEEN driving. By Sarah Lee Marks, aka: MyCarlady TEEN DRIVERS make up 50% of all fatal crashes in Nevada, and 50% of teen fatalities were from not wearing a seat belt. Get 100% on the PRACTICE tests BEFORE you take your permit test. Establish the rules for getting your… Read More

Teen-Student Drivers, Parents BEWARE

12/18/08  Las Vegas, NV     [caption id="attachment_262" align="alignright" width="420" caption="Driver Cam"][/caption] Every parent's nightmare is the first time their teen takes the car out on their own.  The steps leading up to this feat can ease your anxiety if you take time to consider all the phases of teen student driver education available today.  To reduce teen driver fatalities over thirty… Read More