Ten Top Tips Before, during and After your Teen starts Driving

MyCarlady’s Top Ten Tips Before, During and After You start your TEEN driving. By Sarah Lee Marks, aka: MyCarlady TEEN DRIVERS make up 50% of all fatal crashes in Nevada, and 50% of teen fatalities were from not wearing a seat belt. Get 100% on the PRACTICE tests BEFORE you take your permit test. Establish the rules for getting your… Read More

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Parents ask Why my Teen won’t Learn to Drive?

Parents ask me all the time, "Why won't my Teen Learn to Drive? Parents you are not alone in thinking your kid (future teen driver) is _____ (fill in the blank). Why don't they want to learn to drive? While we remember a set of car keys as the ultimate independence, our kids see it as another burden of adulthood… Read More

How to pick a Driving School in Las Vegas-Henderson

DRIVING SCHOOLS in Henderson- Las Vegas Nevada. Teaching your teen to drive is NOT EASY. Parents and teens have complex relationships and learning to drive certainly adds stress to all parties. It takes a lot of patience to teach a new driver the rules of the road.  In Nevada, the graduated licensing requirement. is 40 hours of daytime practice and… Read More