Presidents Day Car Sales weather winter storms

Looking for a winter holiday car deal this President's Day weekend? For those in the Northeast willing to venture out to dealer lots, expect a short test drive and great deal, on any convertible, mini-van or other less popular 2wd model. AWD and 4wd models are in scare supply among the nation's most popular and luxury models: Jaguar XF and XJ… Read More

Labor Day 2014 – 2015 Holiday car shopping!

The annual end-of-model-year 2014 CAR sales have started already! Unfortunately, most of the 2014 inventory is already gone or whittled down to the most heavily equipped, wrong colors or least popular models in the manufacturers line-up. GOOD FOR YOU, the savvy car shopper, if you can be flexible about color and options. If you don't care about the change in… Read More

Black Friday Car Deals start NOW

"December to Remember ™ ", "UnWrap a Jag™", "Season of Reason™", and BLACK FRIDAY are all cheerful reminders that if you want to be a hero-a car is the ultimate holiday gift. To this driving sales effort, all the car makers have launched their Christmas-Black Friday deals well before Thanksgiving... with lease deals  screaming $399.99 with thousands of dollars down. The… Read More