10 Tips for First Time Car Buyers

10 Tips for First-Time Car Buyers This is a slideshow I have given over the years at high schools, civic clubs and businesses to help people understand the depth and intricacies of car buying. Very few people have a professional coach for car buying, yet that is what I have been doing for my clients for over 25 years. 1.… Read More

MyCarlady answers Salvage Title questions for online help seekers.

MyCarlady answers FAQ on Salvage Car titles on Answers dot.com What is a Vehicle Salvage Title? This means the car was in a wreck and the insurance company considered it a total loss. The insurance company paid the owner off and then sold the car as a salvage. This car may in-fact be two or even three vehicles put together and sold… Read More

Car Buying Tips and Tricks for Women: Dress for Success

Dress for Success for Women includes the CAR you DRIVE. Tips and Tricks for Women Car Buyers: Remember when women wearing pants in the office was a big deal?  Well, fashion forward to the car you drive makes a huge impact on the professional business community you are doing business with. As much as "the look" you present; shoes, handbag,… Read More