Presidents Day Car Sales weather winter storms

Looking for a winter holiday car deal this President's Day weekend? For those in the Northeast willing to venture out to dealer lots, expect a short test drive and great deal, on any convertible, mini-van or other less popular 2wd model. AWD and 4wd models are in scare supply among the nation's most popular and luxury models: Jaguar XF and XJ… Read More

Holiday Car Sales bring Dealer Cheers

Tis season of giving help car dealers pushing   Gifts to Remember. Jaguar is offering the UNWRAP a JAGUAR mantra for all Jaguars in stock, of which inventory is very thin for all their models. The 2105 Jaguar XF sedan is offered for $469 a month with a handsome stocking of cash, and a dashing red color for a new… Read More

Soul Food & Music Festival features 2015 Jaguar F-TYPE

It's HAMMER-TIME when you put your pedal to the metal in a 2105 Jaguar FTYPE or XF model... on display this weekend at the Henderson Pavilion during Soul Food Festival. or you could reverse the "Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer when you take a test-drive in a new or Select Edition Jaguar... while enjoying the new Meriden sound system during this weekend's… Read More