2018 Toyota C-HR Test Drive Review appears just in time for Memorial Day sales events

2018 Toyota C-HR First Test Drive Just in time for Memorial Day Auto Sales events! It is very rare to have a manufacturer offer a new model year before Summer selling season and then add an incentive on it. The Toyota Summer Sale-a-bration doesn't mention the new C-HR, a compact hatchback crossover for the hipster crowd, built on the new… Read More


I had the limited pleasure of oogling the all new 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman today, but they couldn't let me drive it because there were too many MINI-freaks around.  This car is a perfect rendition of the MINI heritage, funky retro badging, clever switches and design elements that all MINI enthusiasts love about their car. It is bigger all-around and everything about… Read More

2009 Nissan Cube MY CARLADYtestdrives review

[caption id="attachment_1029" align="alignleft" width="291" caption="2009 Nissan CUBE review"][/caption] The 2009 Nissan Cube is the third entry into the GENX design started with the Scion XB, XD and the recent 2010 Kia Soul release.  They're all cute, hip, fun and versatile.  The Cube four levels of features all based on the standard 1.8l 4 cyl engine and body frame chassis-suspension. The… Read More