July 4th Used Car Sales-Special Low Interest Rates

July 4th Used Car sales sure to be HOT this Holiday! Lawrence Ennis, GM of Chapman Chrysler-Jeep and Used Car Center explains some of the new thinking in the Used Car market of 2016. Car sales have been hotter than ever and demand is outpacing supply, with many models facing stop sales and open recalls with no definitive time for… Read More

Women Buying Used Luxury Cars: Jaguar, BMW, Lexus, MB

Women are driving through the glass ceiling... thanks to income and personal wealth equality sparked by a desire to have a luxury car in their garage. WHY? because the current new car market has limited inventory, reduced or non-existent rebates and incentives and inflated prices... so the new world thinking is... By doing your homework: CARFAX/ AUTOCHECK /NHTSA (Fact: woman car… Read More