DMV NV Registration Online not for everything

DMV NV registration ... NO... it's not you or your computer! The online system for registering or renewing your license plates, making an appointment for a Driver's License test or other vehicle or ID processing is not as easy as you think. If you have custom license plates you want to transfer, have let your registration (accidentally or on purpose)… Read More

Teen Driver Permit PREP class

15 1/2 year old Teens seeking Driver Permit. There are many ways to study for the driver's permit, but too many times teens think a quick glance through the Nevada Driver's Handbook will get them past the 50 questions. NOT SO FAST! TEEN DRIVER Before you rush off to the DMV, $25.00 in hand, and waste mom and dad's time… Read More


Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has new RULES and requirements for "used car for sale" Craigs List posters. This handy online form is a must when selling your car privately. eBay, Craig's List,, Autotrader, and other car selling services do not mention this potential liability when selling your car privately.  This rule has been around awhile but has recently… Read More