Nevada’s Future in Faraday looks bleak.

The latest buzz across the automotive news suggests Faraday Future may be light years away if at all. North Las Vegas electric car maker Faraday puts brakes on Nevada plant. The popular Car Connection auto -blog released word of the Faraday Future North Las Vegas electric car plant being ¬†shelved for the time being, time travel not withstanding, no date… Read More

MyCarlady Registration Service LV Henderson

MyCarlady now offers a easy alternative to the chaos at NV DMV. Frustrated by the texting or online system or daunted by the LONG lines wrapping around the building at 8 am? ¬† Let MyCarlady handle you Nevada DMV needs for $25.00* In the effort to modernize the lines at DMV, they just got LONGER. Why? The new DASH PASS… Read More

March Madness and Spring Fever ramp-up 2012 new car sales

As Spring fever hits the air and March Madness gives sport enthusiasts something to worship, car dealerships are facing shortages in their hottest products. Pent-up demand and our aging vehicle fleet patched together as the economy has worn our tread bald, is driving consumers to re-evaluate putting money into costly repairs. Compounding the new car sales loggerjam is the lack… Read More