Black Friday deals up to 0% to 72

BLACK FRIDAY car deals heat up-end soon. however, as competition has heated up in the past week, so have the interest rate deals for car buyers with great credit. Fed expected to raise borrowing rate in January. In anticipation of rates rising, car makers are anxious to pull that ¬†dormant cash our of the stock market and onto the roads… Read More

Presidents Day Car Sales weather winter storms

Looking for a winter holiday car deal this President's Day weekend? For those in the Northeast willing to venture out to dealer lots, expect a short test drive and great deal, on any convertible, mini-van or other less popular 2wd model. AWD and 4wd models are in scare supply¬†among the nation's most popular and luxury models: Jaguar XF and XJ… Read More

The Porsche Super Bowl Commercial you won't see on Sunday

From the folks at Gaudin Porsche of Las Vegas... Here comes a tongue 'n cheek poke at the "BIG GAME", BIG MONEY - Super Bowl commercials some brands will spend upwards of 6 million dollars to show for .30 seconds. We hope you like it.   BTW. this is not an actual Porsche brand commercial, just in case you couldn't… Read More