Car Seat Safety needs more attention.

Nevada ranks near bottom in Car Seat safety. Not Just Nevada, but almost every state is at the bottom of the pile as 97% of all car seats are installed incorrectly. How is this possible in a day and age where parents have over 500 choices of child car restraints and government mandates include laws for car manufacturers to install… Read More

my car kids car seat installation service

Car Seat Installs and Safety checks

MyCarlady offers Car Seat Installs and safety checks in┬áLas Vegas, NLV, Henderson, the Resort Corridor. 90% of all car seats are not properly installed," says┬áSarah Lee Marks, Aka: MyCarlady, "in my career as an automotive professional I felt being able to help families get their car seats installed when and where they needed was very important. That's why I created… Read More