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Parents ask Why my Teen won’t Learn to Drive?

Parents ask me all the time, "Why won't my Teen Learn to Drive? Parents you are not alone in thinking your kid (future teen driver) is _____ (fill in the blank). Why don't they want to learn to drive? While we remember a set of car keys as the ultimate independence, our kids see it as another burden of adulthood… Read More

Findlay Chevrolet SMARTeen FREE DRIVER Auto Safety Clinic

Findlay Chevrolet will host the next SMARTeen DRIVER event on Wednesday, April 20th, from 6pm-8pm. Teen driver fatalities rise at age 18, according to National highway statistics. SMARTeen Driver auto safety and car care clinics aim to counter that trend, according to founder Sarah Lee Marks. “Our hands-on events are designed to teach teens how to properly care for their… Read More