Presidents Day Car Sales weather winter storms

Looking for a winter holiday car deal this President's Day weekend? For those in the Northeast willing to venture out to dealer lots, expect a short test drive and great deal, on any convertible, mini-van or other less popular 2wd model. AWD and 4wd models are in scare supply¬†among the nation's most popular and luxury models: Jaguar XF and XJ… Read More

2005 Used Lincoln Town Car for Sale $11999 Las Vegas

Need a luxury transportation car for under $11,999? Check out this mint condition 2005 Signature Special edition Lincoln Town Car for only $11,999. Only 54k miles! Leather, new tires, all keys and books. Locally-owned trade-in! HOWEVER, when you call SARAH LEE MYCARLADY 702-521-7546 I will get you my special YOUTUBE deal! Click here to see all the other pictures! --------------------------------------------------------------… Read More

What's the AUDI with you?

Why would you pay list price when the pre-owned luxury used car market is showing signs of USED CAR DEALS on late model 2008, 2009, 2010, and even a lightly used 2012 Audi A7? Audi has consistently been the hottest car in the marketplace the past five years... but how many of us can fork over the sticker price most… Read More