Why Safety Crash tests are Important

Why do we all slow down to look when we see a car accident? The truth is we are drawn to the carnage, possibly seeing a body emerge from the twisted wreck and cheering for the survivor. More and more today, you hear about the dangers of distracted driving, and importance of defensive driving. The number one cause of deaths… Read More

Memorial Day Car Rebates & Incentives

Here are my picks for the top 2012 Memorial Day holiday car sales rebates and incentives. As I have mentioned before, the more in demand cars have little to NO rebates or offers on them. For example, forget a discount or rebate on a Toyota Prius hybrid. LEXUS has up to $750 off many of their hybrids, but inventory is… Read More

Buying a Car-Advice for 2.0-12

Why buying a car is harder in this economy. Dealers have less inventory, which equals less volume, which means they are under HUGE pressure to keep profits up by making more per car. Factories have reduced incentives because they have reduced excess inventory and eliminated poor selling models. The US dollar is lower in value, which means the cars made… Read More