Teen Driver Permit PREP class

15 1/2 year old Teens seeking Driver Permit.


There are many ways to study for the driver’s permit, but too many times teens think a quick glance through the Nevada Driver’s Handbook will get them past the 50 questions.


Before you rush off to the DMV, $25.00 in hand, and waste mom and dad’s time waiting for you, try studying a little longer.

40% of teens fail the first time, causing parents to be frustrated and additional costs to be accrued.

WHY? Lack Of Knowledge, i.e. FAILURE TO STUDY.

SMARTeen DRIVER founder, Sarah Lee Marks, has initiated a PERMIT PREP class to help teens prepare for the permit test properly, and the 30 hr. Driver’s Certificate mandated by DMV before you can get your Driver’s License.


PERMIT PREP for those studying for the Nevada Driving Permit.


We cover all the critical question:

BAC level, Accident Policies, SIGNS and ROAD markings, Driving behaviors, Graduated Licensing rules and regulations, Restrictions and suspensions… to name a few.

We give numerous testing opportunities to be sure the student is ready to take the test, and pass with an 80% or higher.

Classes are held monthly and are semi-private, to be sure each teen gets enough attention to be successful.

The fee for the class is $150.00 and the class is 8 hours in duration.

For more information please call 702 fie 2 1 7 5 four 6

or submit the form below.


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