automotive life skills clinic las vegas

Teen Drivers Free Class Feb 20th

The Andre Agassi Boys and Girls Clubhouse will host the Automotive Life Skills clinic on February 2oth in Las Vegas.

Monday, 2/20/17 is a SCHOOL HOLIDAY in Clark County, Nevada.

Teens are welcome from age 14+, with or without permits or license.

Nevada Traffic Safety goal is: Zero Teen Fatalities

The program covers a hands-on car care clinic, law enforcement procedures, impaired driving simulation, insurance information, hybrid and new auto technology and more.

jason reichert speaker bgcsnv kish dec 28th

Professional champion race car driver Jason Reichert of Formula 1600 will be in attendance.

Teens will have the opportunity to WIN an iPad tablet and earn 3 credit hours by completing the class.

Attendees do NOT have to be members of the Boys and Girls Club to participate. Parents are welcome to attend.

The program is wholly funded by a grant from The Nevada Office of Traffic Safety, and Zero Teen Fatalities.

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