Ten Top Tips Before, during and After your Teen starts Driving

MyCarlady’s Top Ten Tips Before, During and After You start your TEEN driving.

By Sarah Lee Marks, aka: MyCarlady

TEEN DRIVERS make up 50% of all fatal crashes in Nevada, and 50% of teen fatalities were from not wearing a seat belt.

  1. Get 100% on the PRACTICE tests BEFORE you take your permit test.
  2. Establish the rules for getting your license. Parent-Teen contract.
  3. Know the requirements of a NV DMV license:
  • School Attendance record
  • 30 hour Drivers Education class certificate or 15/5 certificate
  • Social Security Card/Passport/ID/Permit
  • 50 hour experience log- signed by adult. Go to: dmvnv.com to get the Roadready mobile phone app. for iPhones only.
  • Application signed by parent. $$
  • Must have min. 6 months wait period from time of permit application and be 16 yo.

When hiring a professional driving school

  1. Make sure the family practice car has tires, brakes, wipers all in good condition.
  2. When hiring a professional driving school:
  • Ask to see a copy of their insurance coverage, and surety bond along with current DMV (NV) license.
  • Ask the age of their vehicle you will be driving.
  • Do not go on GROUP lessons, it should be 1 Teen-1 Instructor ratio for entire lesson, usually 2 hour min. ($110/per lesson)
  • BEFORE parent starts teaching/practicing, have a professional start with the newly permitted teen.
  • On 1st appointment, have parent or guardian sit in back seat and observe lesson. Use this experience to reinforce the same procedures, calmly.
  • Make sure the instruction includes all types of roads, bridges, hills, tunnels and highways, not just parking lot circles!
  1. Make appointment for DMV examiner license test only after minimum of 50 hour log (40/10) is complete and signed by parent. Parent must be present at DMV when teen completes test. Ask about “renting” the driving school vehicle for test.
  2. Make sure family vehicle has current insurance and registration when used for examiner test.
  3. Contact your Insurance Company to add your teen driver (only required once the license is issued), on the specific vehicle the teen will be authorized to drive. Take your teen to meet your insurance agent. Review the policy together, explain who/how to contact in an emergency, what the insurance premium payment policy is/when due, ask about possible discounts for GPA, instruction etc.
  4. Show teen how to change flat tire, check/fill fluids, jump battery, maintain vehicle service schedule ON YOUR CAR. Introduce to your dealer/repair shop technician, review service schedule. Add to family calendar.
  5. Sign up for DRIVERS EDGE!  It’s free!  driversedge.org

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BONUS NOTE:  Get a roadside assistance policy (AAA) if your vehicle does not come with one.


Sarah Lee Marks is MyCarlady. She has over 28+ years of automotive experience.

She writes about cars, and is a staunch consumer advocate on car related subjects. She teaches Driver’s Education, Auto Safety, Car care and is a licensed Car Seat Installer. In 2016 she wrote and received a grant for the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada to offer Free Automotive Life Skills clinics to So. Nevada teens.

MyCarlady offers free car buying advice, and private, auto-related services to help you maintain your personal or commercial vehicles.