What to do when your car is a Total Loss??

total car insurance loss

What to do when your car is a Total Loss??

Before agreeing to whatever the insurance company offers you for your car as a total loss,
ask the following questions…

A totaled car is no fun.

How was this figured determined?
Is this offer negotiable?
Does this include my sales tax credit? (If you state allows for such).
Does this include my deductible?
How long do I have to accept or decline this offer, I need to do some research?
What is the status of my “loaner” vehicle, (if you had one provided)?

US NEWS and World Reports.

These and many other questions are answered in the latest
online article on Total Car Loss from US NEWS and WORLD REPORTS.
As a contributor to the article, I comment on specific items many drivers fail to consider
when shopping for car insurance.
The focus on loaner vehicles, receipts for recent service and GAP protection
are often overlook in the traumatic days following a crash and total loss.

Before agreeing to the offer from the insurance company understand your rights and do your homework.
Read the article linked here, determine what is owed on your car loan or if a lease, does either contract include GAP protection?
Figure out what you can budget can afford in a new(er) replacement vehicle.
Ask if anyone can LOAN you a car for a few days while you figure out what the next step is.

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