MyCarlady has thousands of satisfied clients from around the USA and Canada.

Brad wrote: “If you or a friend of yours in Las Vegas, is in market for a new or used car/truck/suv and don’t want to endure the negotiation process, give Mycarlady- Sarah Lee a call (unless you just like the process at the dealership). She will handle everything you need and get you a great deal. I have personally know her for about 20 years and 7 cars. She’s the best thing going for the auto consumer in Las Vegas.”

“Don’t you have a name for your car?” 

Mari is so happy to have a new Mercedes C250, she named her car “Sadie”. I met Mari over ten years ago when she came into the dealership to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We have been like sisters ever since, so it was fun to see her with Sadie, enjoying the backroads of Napa in luxury.  I can help you no matter where you live, thanks to a small army of professional carfolk who embrace the MyCarlady philosophy about buying and selling cars.

Meet Marylou, the latest MyCarlady fan!

Simon and his new Prius!


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