DMV NV Registration Online not for everything

NO… it’s not you or your computer!

The online system for registering or renewing your license plates,
making an appointment for a Driver’s License test or other vehicle or ID processing is not as easy as you think.

If you have custom license plates you want to transfer,
have let your registration (accidentally or on purpose) expire or switched your insurance company
the system could tell you there is an error, try again or go to DMV and get in line.
Don’t bother retrying,

it’s not your computer, it is the DMV online computer process so get inline or CALL ME,
I can get it done for you.
You can not make an appointment for registration issues but I can do same day processing if you have a need.

  • Pick-up and delivery is also available, from home, office or dealership.
  • I will even take your car for a smog if you have no time.

Just call me: My Carlady: 702-521-7546

Appointments can send you to WRONG location

When you schedule an appointment to renew your driver’s license BE CAREFUL,
the system will automatically plug you into the next available appointment
which is not necessarily at the most convenient location for YOU!
dmv nv online services

my car kids car seat installation service

Car Seat Installs and Safety checks

MyCarlady offers Car Seat Installs

and safety checks in Las Vegas, NLV,

Henderson, the Resort Corridor.

car seat installation safety checks

90% of all car seats are not properly installed,”

says Sarah Lee Marks, Aka: MyCarlady, “in my career as an automotive professional I felt being able to help families get their car seats installed when and where they needed was very important. That’s why I created this mobile service. Becoming a SAFEKIDS WORLDWIDE certified car seat installer felt like an expansion of my education and another way to service the community.”

In addition to volunteering at local SAFEKIDS FREE Car Seat check events around the city, MyCarlady provides car seat installs at your home or office, hotel, resort, hospital or vacation retreat.

Car Seat Installs & Safety Checks.

Offering personalized, door-to-door car seat assistance to local families, new moms and dads and grandparents sharing transportation responsibilities for their babies, toddlers and children.

yelp car seat installation las vegas mycarlady

Nevada state law requires all children under 60 lbs or 6 years of age to be restrained in a proper car seat or booster.

In most cases the preferred location for the child is in the back seat. Many states follow a national recommendation to maintain the child restraint to the age of 8 or 80 pounds.

New Seat Belt Airbags in Rear seats keep young teens safer, but not recommended for car seat installs.

“I personally like the seat belt over the LATCH for securing the car seat because there is no weight limit for its use. The Lower anchors are typically only good up to 40 lbs, and the auto manufacturer and car seat makers instruction manuals often confuse parents with conflicting information,” adds Marks.

Monthly RECALLS and EXPIRATION dates go unheeded.

When you contact MyCarlady for your Car Seat needs you get:

  • At your Door CAR SEAT Installation.
  • Car Seat Expiration, Recall and Accident verification.
  • Selection Recommendations.
  • Training and Car Seat safety education.

“I review the history of the seat(s), check the recall list and expiration dates to be sure your precious cargo is safe and secure.”

MyCarlady is licensed, certified and can be reached at sarahlee at mycarlady dot com or 702-521-7546, 7 days a week, 9 am -6pm.

Fees vary based on number of seats, location and needs, available upon request.

MyCarlady offers Car Seat installs and car seat safety checks to companies interested in providing health and wellness events, employee perks, annual benefit renewal presentations for their employees.

Feel free to inquire with the request form below.

Nissan 2016 Summer Holiday Sales Event 0%

2016 Nissan Independence Day Car Sales show FREE to CHOOSE July 4th

Nissan is really pushing their “FREE to CHOOSE” and “FREEDOM from PAYMENTS” with low interest rates for qualified buyers.

Now is certainly the time to look at some of their solid sedans: VERSA, SENTRA and ALTIMA have amazing rebates, low itnerst rate options or wickedly cheap lease payments if your FICO AUTO credit Score is over 720.

An SUV for under $200 a month?

You can score a 2016 Rogue, recently remodeled and retooled for more room and nicer ride, for under $00.00 a month on a 36 mos. lease.

The Altima has up to 3250 in discounts off MSRP but the BEST deal is the 0% for 60 mos. PLUS $1500 in rebates.

The Maxima is also available for 0% interest for 60 mos, but selection is limited so don’t get too picky, this is an amazing machine since the redesign last fall.

Grab a Nissan JUKE for $209 a month with $3000 down, but I would go with nothing down and push the payment up another 60.00 a month. The leases have GAP protection, so keep your cash in your wallet.


At the end of the holiday weekend overload, Nissan has plenty of 2016 inventory and a strong urge to move the needle after a tough year of recalls and inventory disruptions among its best sellers. now that summer is here and the July 4th sales are on, look at Nissan to offer some really aggressive deals, including high trade-in values, extra rebates for military, recent college graduate and return clients.

2016 Nissan Titan Cummins Diesel


The only model you won’t find Nissan giving away is on the new TITAN Diesel, so hot you can barely find a demo to test-drive on any dealer lot. That is an awesome ton and a half of Cummins fun. If you can handle the price, get one, you own’t be disappointed.

If you need help finding a Nissan dealer in your area, give me a shout-out and I’ll make a recommendation.



Sarah Lee Marks is MyCarlady. She has over 26+ years of experience.
She writes about cars, and is a staunch consumer advocate on car related subjects.
MyCarlady offers free car buying advice, and private, auto-related services to help you maintain your personal or commercial vehicles.
Call Sarah Lee for more information. Join the MyCarlady newsletter to be kept up-to-date on this and other important car information.

July 4th Used Car Sales-Special Low Interest Rates

July 4th Used Car sales sure to be HOT this Holiday!

Lawrence Ennis, GM of Chapman Chrysler-Jeep and Used Car Center explains some of the new thinking in the Used Car market of 2016.

Car sales have been hotter than ever and demand is outpacing supply, with many models facing stop sales and open recalls with no definitive time for a fix. Some dealers are sending their recalled vehicles to auction, rather than wait for the parts to arrive.

The banks have been extremely flexible, says Ennis.

Nevertheless, Used Cars shoppers this July 4th will need to focus their shopping attention on dealerships with large inventories and strong banking relationships interested in all types of credit.

Alternative, Challenged Credit or Second Chance Car loans

LOW INTEREST RATES have helped many people get into a newer vehicle at a reasonable car payment.  If you have a steady job, roots in the area and a little down payment, a select few dealers may be able to help you, even f your past credit history and credit score seem difficult. Short Sales, Foreclosures and Medical Debt, are no longer a barrier to buying a new or slightly pre-owned vehicle.

So as you ponder a newer car this holiday weekend, stop by Chapman’s or give me a shout-out if you have any questions. 702 five 2 one-75 four six or sarahlee at mycarlady dot com.


For more on New Car deals for July 4th 2016 click here.

Sarah Lee Marks is MyCarlady. She has over 26+ years of experience.
She writes about cars, and is a staunch consumer advocate on car related subjects.
MyCarlady offers free car buying advice, and private, auto-related services to help you maintain your personal or commercial vehicles.
Call Sarah Lee for more information. Join the MyCarlady newsletter to be kept up-to-date on this and other important car information.

MyCarlady Car Seat Installation Las Vegas Henderson

MyCarlady is a full service car concierge offering a multitude of services including:

  • Harness Check
  • Expiration & Recalls
  • Seat Alignment and Security
  • LATCH fitting

AT YOUR DOOR Child CAR SEAT installations.

my car kids car seat installation service

As a fully licensed, bonded and certified (SAFEKIDS WORLDWIDE) car seat installer I am happy to come to your home or office, hotel or airport rental car location to make sure your cherished loved ones are properly, safely secured in their car seat.safekids clark county worldwide

While there are many stages of car seats: infant bucket with/wo detachable base, rear-facing, rear facing convertible to forward facing, high back booster and low booster, in the state of Nevada your child must be in a child seat restraint until the age of 6 years or 60 lbs., go with the weight over the age. Nevada safety experts are pushing the legislature to adopt the nationally accepted limit of 8 years or 80 lbs.

All children should be rear-facing until at least 2 years of age. Don’t worry about crossed legs, check the car seat for the maximum limit to the seat before turning forward. Rear-facing is the safest position.

Traveling and need CAR SEAT help, just call me 702-521-7546

I am happy to help you get that car seat installed properly.

Call for pricing based on location and same-day  service.

Staying on the strip, no problem.

Renting a car in Las Vegas, need car seat installation help.

AIRBAG inflated seat belts now available in some rental cars so please ask before you rent.

Ford, Mercedes Benz and some other manufacturers are now offering rear outboard seat three-point seat belts with airbags in them.

You CAN NOT use these with most car seats on the market today. Please check your car seat manual or the manufacturers website to be 100% sure.

Feel free to give me a call at 702-521-7546

My hours are 7 days a week 9 am – 7 pm.

Sarah Lee Marks