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National Seat Check Saturday 9-24-2016 Las Vegas

Where can you go to get your CAR SEAT checked for FREE this Saturday?

National Seat Check Saturday is this Saturday, 9/24/2016
National Seat Check Saturday

Save your child’s life… Have your car seat checked for FREE during:

National Seat Check Saturday, September 24th 2016
Findlay Volkswagen Northwest. 7500 W. Azure Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89130
SATURDAY, September 24th 2016 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
The community is invited to stop by for food, fun and a FREE car seat check
or installation

Car crashes are the #1 cause of death in children 1- 13 years old.
Many deaths and injuries can be prevented by proper use of car seats,
boosters and seat belts.
“As children grow, car seats need to be refitted, adjusted or replaced, depending on their needs,”
says certified installer Sarah Lee Marks, “Our team of volunteers from CCSD School Police,
NHP Command Center, SafeKids Clark County and Car Seats for Christy
are all dedicated to saving lives, one car seat at a time.”

Las Vegas National Seat Check Saturday Event at Findlay VW North Las Vegas

While there is a lot of information available online, trying to understand the often complex diagrams
and instructions from the vehicle owner’s manual to the car seat manufacturer’s instructions can be confusing.
The certified installers will be checking to be sure all car seats are properly fit and secured.
Attendees can drive to the dealership without an appointment, enjoy some refreshment,
and learn handy tips and techniques to getting that seat secured properly,
in the safest position for your child, in your vehicle.

“We will check for recalls, expiration dates, and worn parts,
while providing hands-on education to everyone responsible for
the safe transport of children on our roadways,” Marks continued.

Take a Test Drive for Car Seats for Christy…

Mr. Doug Fleming, Findlay Volkswagen North General Manager announced
additional donations for local charity; Car Seats for Christy,
“We invite everyone in the area to stop by and take a test drive in one of our new,
certified or pre-owned vehicles during the event. Once you complete the behind the wheel vehicle evaluation
Findlay VW North will make a donation to Car Seats for Christy on your behalf.”

Car Seats for Christy was started by co-workers and friends of Southwest Gas employee Christy Barnhart Hebert,
a single mother of two who lost her life in a January 2004 car crash. Her daughters’ lives were spared
thanks to the car seat restraints Christy was so committed to maintaining. As a living tribute to Christy,
her friends continue to promote the message of car seat education and provide restraints to those in need.
Test-drive donations will allow this work to continue. The Car Seats for Christy Foundation, is an 501(c)3 organization.

honda odyssey car seat installation

Buying a Child Car Seat for your Honda-Starts Here!

Pick the Right Child Car Seat for your Car!

When trying to select the correct car seat for your child; infant, rear-facing, convertible, or booster,
there should be one more important step you take before heading to the local baby store or online to place an order.

Buying a Car Seat for your Honda?

Measure your Honda’s rear seat… watch this video…


All too often I see vehicles with:

  • over-sized bolsters in the outboard (left and right rear seat positions),
  • narrow, pronounced humps in the middle of the rear bench
  • back seat cushions with permanently -affixed head rests

any or all of these designs make the proper car seat installation more difficult to secure.

car seat cushion measuring

Measuring for DRIVER safety and comfort.

Another area of concern are new 3-1-One and 4-in-1 convertible car seats
made to accommodate extra wide or tall children as they grow.

  • These over-sized to grown-in often encroach on the best seating position for the driver or front passenger
  • The top of the child car seat cannot fit properly in the space between the sport-style driver
    and front passenger seat where the space is too narrow across.


Check out these videos showing a “COSCO” brand convertible (rear to front facing) child car seat
in the most popular Honda vehicles: Civic, Accord, Odyssey van
and CRV suv. The new Honda Pilot and Ridgeline are large vehicles which accommodate most car seats;
however, the rules of measuring are still valid BEFORE you buy.

Need help installing your car seat?

DO you live in or are you traveling to Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Nevada and need car seat help?

Give MYCARKIDS a call for our mobile car seat safety installation service. 702-521-7546. Same Day service available.

Certified by SAFEKIDS WORLDWIDE. Licensed and Insured in Nevada.






Boys and Girls Clubs of So NV offer FREE Auto Life Skills Clinics

Boys and Girls Clubs of So. Nevada
offers area teens FREE
Auto Life Skills Clinics

Teen drivers and their parents are encouraged to sign-up quickly for the
FREE Auto Safety, Car Care and Roadside Emergency class

being offered through a grant from The Nevada Office of Traffic Safety.

Critical Automotive Life Skills training for Gen X Y Z.

Attendees will participate in hands-on, interactive activities including drunk driving simulations,
tire changing, seat restraint installation and critical operational techniques taught by certified driving professionals,
race car drivers and law enforcement.

Experts in legal and insurance areas will address saving money
and understanding the law as a parent or teen behind the wheel.

Registration is open and space is limited to 100 teens per clinic.
The events will be held around the county on school vacation and holidays including summer vacation.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to win an iPad/tablet.

CLICK here for more information or to register.

Attendees do not have to be members of the Boys and Girls Clubs

Teaching teens auto safety and car care saves lives.

You can also register below:

2016 Labor Day Car Sales a loser for many.

2016 Labor Day Car Sales a dud.


This year many 2016 Labor Day holiday car shoppers will find frustration over the lack of selection in remaining 2016 models and rare rebates on popular models.

While many car companies have released 2017’s early, the incentives on them are almost non-existent.

For 2016 labor day car sales, you can expect to find limited colors and features in 2016 models and loaded 2017’s in basic colors.

WHY the Low Inventory?

As many auto manufacturers were sure an interest rate increase was coming in January 2016, so the car makers projected a lower demand for new models and scheduled production accordingly.

The rate hike never happened and the economy steamed along. The stock market made money allowing people to feel flush, taking profits for their next car.

Many drivers of 10+ year old vehicles finally tired of repair costs, downtime at the garage and lack of safety features, succumbed to the newest model.

Leasing enthusiasts found out they COULD NOT BUY OUT their car due to recall issues, so  they grabbed the lease on the new car as fast as the model arrived on dealer lots.

In addition, the car loan lenders got busy giving credit at decent rates to those who would not have qualified previously, so the dealer didn’t lose the new 2016 car deal.


Then in February more recalls on TAKATA airbags sent car makers into a frenzy of NO SALE pronouncements on all used and off-lease vehicles involved.

The result was many leased vehicle owners could NOT BUY OUT their cars, and had to lease or buy new.

Hence, lack of used cars available put additional demand on the 2016 car models already limited new car production pipeline.

If you want to know if YOUR trade has a TAKATA airbag, which could reduce the trade-in value, go to this website first.


This year you will find BIG incentives and rebates, low interest rates advertised on the slowest moving, ugliest or most expensive vehicles left on the lot.

In many cases, these are NOT the car you want nor the interest rate you qualify for with your FICO- AUTO credit score.

For 2016 labor day holiday car sales deals I recommend you be ready to be flexible on your needs versus wants in the features, colors and price demands or be willing to wait til 2017’s go on their first sale around Thanksgiving.

I’m NOT saying you should go over your budget, or settle for a color you really detest, because you will be living with if far beyond the euphoria of a great 2016 labor day car sales deal.

Also note, you should probably call the dealer ahead of time to make sure the car advertised on their website is still there. Car are selling so fast, the web can’t keep up with removing sold cars from the internet.

Disclaimer: Sorry to be such a bummer, but I’d rather tell you the truth before you spend hours at the dealership in aggravated frustration or despair.

Sarah Lee Marks is MyCarlady. She has over 26+ years of experience.
She writes about cars, and is a staunch consumer advocate on car related subjects.
She teaches Driver’s Education, Auto Safety and Car care.
MyCarlady offers free car buying advice, and private, auto-related services to help you maintain your personal or commercial vehicles.
<a href=”” target=”_blank”>If you have car-buying questions. Join the MyCarlady newsletter to be kept up-to-date on this and other important car information.


DMV NV Registration Online not for everything

NO… it’s not you or your computer!

The online system for registering or renewing your license plates,
making an appointment for a Driver’s License test or other vehicle or ID processing is not as easy as you think.

If you have custom license plates you want to transfer,
have let your registration (accidentally or on purpose) expire or switched your insurance company
the system could tell you there is an error, try again or go to DMV and get in line.
Don’t bother retrying,

it’s not your computer, it is the DMV online computer process so get inline or CALL ME,
I can get it done for you.
You can not make an appointment for registration issues but I can do same day processing if you have a need.

  • Pick-up and delivery is also available, from home, office or dealership.
  • I will even take your car for a smog if you have no time.

Just call me: My Carlady: 702-521-7546

Appointments can send you to WRONG location

When you schedule an appointment to renew your driver’s license BE CAREFUL,
the system will automatically plug you into the next available appointment
which is not necessarily at the most convenient location for YOU!
dmv nv online services